Harley 107 vs 114 dyno

Photos by Brian J. Nelson, and Harley-Davidson. Stop the press! The rumors are true. Harley-Davidson has indeed developed a new engine called the Milwaukee-Eight.

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The new valvetrain design comes with an impressive list of proposed improvements — more power, better efficiency, lower idle, less heat, and less noise. From what we were told, Harley met these goals. Visible in blue is the precision oil cooling passage. Pushrod-activated rocker arms control the two intake and two exhaust valves per head.

Once set, valve adjustments are done for life. Before you get any bright ideas about retro-fitting a Milwaukee-Eight into an older bike, be aware that the engine mounting points have changed. This aids in smoothing the driveline and producing a broad torque curve that pulls all the time.

Redline is 5, rpm, slightly higher than a Twin Cam. The intake and exhaust valve diameters are 40mm and 32mm respectively. Add the dual sparkplug two per cylinder design for a more complete burn, and you can see that this is not just a warmed-over Twin Cam design. There is independent control of the front and rear cylinder firing, with the front two coil outputs firing together and rear two firing together. Sequential Port Fuel injection is retained with a single throat inlet throttle body made of plastic.

Thanks to a hydraulic lifter to pushrod connection from cam to rocker arm, you will never have to adjust the valvetrain from left to right, as they are now factory-set for life! It should prove to be two to three bike lengths faster from mph and one to two bike lengths faster from mph in top gear. You can unsubscribe anytime. American Iron August 23, Previous Article. Next Article. Next Up. American Iron. Current issue Columns.

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Dyno Charts

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Harley-Davidson Launches 107” & 114” Milwaukee-Eight Engines

Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Youtube.Delivering a boost in both displacement and air flow through the engine, these complete kits were developed to deliver maximum horsepower from the Milwaukee-Eight engine all the way to redline while retaining a high level of factory-engineered smoothness, ride quality and reliability.

There are no compromises. The ports are meticulously machined on a five-axis CNC machine to increase the volume and velocity of the intake charge for improved efficiency of cylinder filling and to maximize the effect of exhaust scavenging. When installed by an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer at the time of vehicle delivery, the Original Equipment Factory Warranty is retained.

This kit is state U. EPA compliant. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for details. SinceHarley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel. For more information, visit www.

Here's what's going on with our Tales from the Dyno series. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Follow us facebook twitter instagram youTube pinterest rss. Bikes Tech Girls Tour Videos. Factory-Engineered Components. About Harley-Davidson Motor Company SinceHarley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel.

Making the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Engine Scream

Tags: motorcycle products harley-davidson milwaukee 8 milwaukee 8 screamin' eagle milwaukee eight screamin' eagle. More Stories.Big news recently rumbled out of Milwaukee, with the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight V-twin making its debut in the FL touring line of cruiser motorcycles. The Milwaukee-Eight is just the ninth Big Twin in the Motor Company's long and unbroken history of building motorcycles since So we couldn't wait to dyno test on of the new eight-valve, single-cam V-twins that come in c.

CVO versions. As a touring model, it's liquid cooled heads benefit from radiators tucked into the lower fairing pods. But how did it do on the dyno? This standard c. Milwaukee-Eight V-twin matches the peak torque output of the Screaming Eagle B-powered Softail Slim S we had previously tested on the same dyno. Check out the video for full numbers and to hear the new engine pound it out on the dyno. Menu Sign Up. Cycle World. The motor company builds its third all-new Big Twin in 80 years.

Cycle World Buyer's Guide:. Related: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. We'll help you find the right bike. Compare and contrast multiple facets of competing models, in categories such as price, weight, displacement and seat height. Compare sportbikes, streetbikes, dirtbikes, and more by year or engine size. Latest News. Gear and Products. Ienatsch Tuesday. Buyer's Guide.I am talking about overall performance, strength and torque.

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I would check and see if HD Screaming Eagle makes a kit which will still honor warranty. Looks pretty good! Bobby Woods also has had some camshafts out for the M8 for awhile that look pretty impressive on the Fuelmoto dyno.

Everybody is playing catch up. I have heard of the M8 motor having problems with catastrophic failures. Has anyone else? Chris- thanks for the heads up.

Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Stage IV Kit

So without any substantiating evidence I would call BS on those rumors. I only had a couple years experience with HD before I switched to Victory. Now super charging a big bore kit with nitrous on top is a different story, but I have a REALLY hard time believing that HD engineering is so substandard that the very best one can expect to reliably get out of the motor is what the competition offers bone stock.

Yet even I can appreciate the steps in the right direction this motor and these mods represent. Bob S, I think you said it all. I beat the crap out of it for 19 years and never had a mechanical issue with it including the cam chain tensioners.

They are available now! Hit up your local dealer or distributor for more info.

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I just installed the c cam, prior to doing so I had Fuelmoto head pipescreaming eagle intake and Rinehart 4. Jlm — trolls unite. No, dude, no failures on the M8; just as it was a myth on the TC.

Anton, They are available now!Discussion in ' Road Warriors ' started by RedoubtJan 6, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. RedoubtJan 6, Has anyone rode a M8? I am wondering how it compares to a I was told that it loses some of its driveability in that it loses torque down low and you have to get high in the rev range to get the best out of it. Not sure how accurate that is.

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harley 107 vs 114 dyno

Pulls with authority from just off idle up. The heads are key. They flow more than a TwinCam does. And they do it while maintaining a high velocity. Castings are not the same as OEM heads although they're no slouch either. Mebbe I'll post up a dyno sheet when I get to work BTW whoever told you that is full of shit. I'm actually building one right now. Ginger BeardRedoubtChillis and 1 other person like this. ADV Sponsors.

Joined: Jan 27, Oddometer: 1, Stage II C. Night RyderJan 7, The Stage 4 makes less power than a stock up until rpm, when it starts to take off. The Torque Cam and Stage 3. Make more power than the Stage 4 up to rpm. It isn't until RPM that the Stage 4 really comes to life, pouring the power on until it redlines at rpm.We specialize in EFI tuning components, exhaust systems, as well as a wide range of performance components.

We offer only the highest quality parts at the best prices, but more importantly we provide our customers with unmatched product knowledge and technical support on all of the products we sell offering unmatched service to our customers. Manufacturers occasionally suggest that products be advertised at their suggested retail price.

Because our price on this item is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price", the manufacturer does not allow us to show you our price until you place the item in your shopping cart. Please note that this does not require you to purchase the product. You can easily remove it from your shopping cart if you decide not to buy it. We realize that this is an inconvenience and are regularly working with manufactures on how their policies impact our customers.

Please contact us at Mon-Fri between CST with any questions or for additional support. Smart Model Search Loading Featured Categories Fuel Tuners. Air Cleaner Kits. Exhaust Systems. Fuel Moto Speed Shop. Top Products Dynojet Power Vision.

2018 Harley Davidson Milwaukee 8 Stage III Dyno Numbers

Big Bore Kits. Dynojet Target Tune.

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Wood Performance Camshafts. Password Forgot Password? FAQ's Check out popular questions. Contact Us We'll reply within 24 hours.However, many may just look at the upgrades as being mostly the same as the multitudes of aftermarket hop-up parts available. Additionally, all of these built engines, whether they were examples of either good or bad tuning, shared one feature: their alterations voided factory warranties.

Now, this is no big deal to gearheads.

harley 107 vs 114 dyno

They live for the knowledge they gain about motorcycles by fiddling with their projects. For the average enthusiast, losing the warranty could be a big deal. Also, the kits were developed alongside of the engines.

harley 107 vs 114 dyno

In the case of the Milwaukee-Eight, the kits are already available as the engines themselves are being released. The aftermarket will have to play catch-up. Finally, since the kits were developed by the same manufacturer as the engine, one would assume the kit would avoid the teething pains often associated with the final tuning of hop-ups with aftermarket parts. Stage I is the least expensive and incorporates the two aftermarket parts that most motorcyclists put on their bikes: intake and exhaust.

Additionally, the Stage I upgrade includes one of the most commonly overlooked components in helping an engine breathe better. In the dyno chart shown below, the Torque Kit starts slightly above the stock cam at 2, rpm, builds to its peak, and then maintains a slightly lessening advantage the rest of the way to the rev limit.

For your typical rider, this sounds like an ideal setup for around-town grunt or roll-on power at highway speeds. The torque curve of the Power Kit starts below the stock curve, crossing it at 3, rpm before topping the Torque Kit at 4, rpm and maintaining a slight, but increasing, advantage all the way to redline.

Then, the two kits are essentially the same until 4, rpm, where the Power Kit moves on to its higher peak and flatter fall-off to redline. In order to facilitate that increase, the kit includes: cylinders, high-compression aluminum-coated pistons, piston rings, a cam different from either Stage II camvalve springs, tappets, and all necessary gaskets.

Unlike with the either the Torque or Power Kits, the benefit is felt throughout the rpm range with no compromises in power delivery. As with the two previous stage kits, the Pro Street Tuner will need to be programed with factory-developed engine control module settings for optimal power delivery. Stage IV caps off the three previous kits for the two-valve per head engines of the Twin Cam and Sportster with a CNC-ported cylinder head, a set of high-compression pistons and cams designed for the increased flow, plus a larger throttle body.

My thoughts on this are two-fold.


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