Orbea oiz 2018

New XC bike is slacker, longer and available in two travel options. By Jack Luke. Orbea has just announced an update to its full suspension XC-bike, the Oiz, with a number of interesting features. Primary among those are the ability to run the bike with either or mm of travel and the ability to fit two bottles in the main triangle.

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From our understanding, the construction techniques are fairly standard stuff with the carbon laid up around an EPS Expanded Polystyrene core. Despite being increasingly common on high-end frames, Orbea also appears to be using vacuum debulking during the frame layup.

This essentially involves compacting the carbon layers each time a new layer is added, helping to consolidate the layers, removing any voids and removing air from the resin, making a stronger composite. This technique is widely used in the aerospace industry but adds time and cost, which is why you currently only see it on high-end frames.

One of the unique aspects of this bike is the ability to run either a x40mm or x45mm shock, with the option to run either or mm travel at the rear. Orbea has dubbed this Two Stroke. The suspension kinematics have also been updated slightly on the Oiz model to account for the additional travel on offer up from the previous 90mm. The leverage ratio increases until the end of the shock stroke, where it is a falling rate to overcome the inherently progressive nature of an air shock.

That comes with all the usual claims of being a very efficient setup for XC racing. The suspension linkage — dubbed Fiberlink — is a lightweight 59g moulded carbon piece. The suspension hardware also uses a full complement of Enduro BO bearings in a bid to improve longevity. In comparison to the model, the geometry of the new model is a bit more progressive: the mm travel version sees the head angle slackened out to 69 degrees, the seat angle steepened to 75 degrees, reach increased to mm and the chainstays shortened to mm.

As mentioned previously, this bike can be configured with either or mm of travel. In the longer travel incarnation, the head and seat angle both slacken by one degree to 68 and 74 degrees respectively.

Orbea offers the size small Oiz with either All other sizes come with 29in wheels. Orbea has an exclusive partnership with Fox for a proprietary shock lockout, which Orbea is calling Inside Line, that is fully internally routed.

This arrangement cleans up the frame and is part of the reason two bottles can be fitted size medium and up. It allows you to spec custom colours for the frame as well as make different component choices to get the build of your dreams.

Jack has been riding and fettling bikes for his whole life. Always in search of the hippest new niche in cycling, Jack is a self-confessed gravel dork, fixie-botherer, tandem-evangelist, hill-climbing try hard, and thinks nothing of taking on a daft challenge for the BikeRadar YouTube channel. With a near encyclopaedic knowledge of cycling tech — from the most esoteric niche nonsense to the most cutting edge modern kit — Jack takes pride in his ability to seek out tech and stories that would otherwise go unreported.

Jack has been at BikeRadar for three years now and is currently testing an All-City Mr Pink as his long term test bike.

June 25, at pm. The geometry of the new bike is progressive for the world of XC Orbea. Frames from size medium upwards have space for two bottles Orbea. The frame looks super clean with the neatly integrated lockout Orbea. Internally route everything! The Orbea Oiz M10 Orbea. Orbea offers a MYO programme which lets you choose a custom paint job and spec your dream build Orbea.

Orbea Oiz M-Team Orbea. Orbea Oiz M10 Orbea. Orbea offers a MYO programme which lets you choose a custom paint job, and spec your dream build Orbea. Jack Luke Social networks.Jul 13, You must login to Pinkbike.

Don't have an account? Sign up. Lessarde Jul 13, at Just tell us the weight even if it's just a medium with specific pieces! How about just the truth. TheOriginalTwoTone Jul 13, at Just read the forums and you'll have the answer. Some asshat with a crappy scale will weigh the frame and then start bitching on the internet that the company lied, misrepresented the weight and he was ripped off. Even worse with completes since ever part has a tolerance that the frame manufacturer has no control over.

Hand-of-Midas Jul 13, at TheOriginalTwoTone : Even worse, companies start putting lighter tires than they should on bikes to make them look nice on paper. WAKIdesigns Jul 13, at I am missing the good old days when people were trying to build a sub 13kg DH bike and some genius has put Rocket Rons on his Antidote Lifeline Pro tip Get raw frame, especially in XL. It saves you around gr compared to these glossy bikes with 2 layers.

Solo77 Jul 14, at TheOriginalTwoTone : have seen the painted frame on scales with shock at 1. Somebody needs to get their paint guy and send him over to redo that extremely eye catching specialized epic.

You know the one that looks like a cardboard box Cambot Jul 13, at I prefer cardboard box. Really digging all the new matte and subtle colorways catching on. All the cable routing is in the same places as the Epic.

TheOriginalTwoTone : topfuel TheOriginalTwoTone Jul 14, at This is exactly the kind of bike that should be able to carry two water bottles inside its front triangle, so it's good to see Orbea check that box for all the sizes except the small I like how Apens have been around forever, no one raced them.

Nino races them when he switches sponsors, now theyre errrrrwhere. I would jump off a bridge if Nino jumped off a bridge.Cross country race prowess is top of the list with the Oiz. The Orbea Oiz M20 is a ruthlessly fast and efficient race winning machine. It rewards hard efforts with an almost insatiable appetite for speed. But the Oiz continues to be a a really popular bike amongst XC riders in the know.

Look carefully and you will see the Oiz ridden to victory at world championships and podiums at the World Cup by the likes of Catharine Pendrel and the rest of the Clif Pro Team.

We managed to get hold of a slightly off spec Orbea Oiz M20 to see for ourselves if this a bike worthy of consideration. Orbea are unashamed in stating that the design remit for the Oiz is as a fully fledged XC race bike.

As such it benefits from a properly lightweight carbon frame providing 95mm of travel and a very respectable overall weight of Orbea make use of similar frame design features for the majority of its full suspension models. The same dropped and swooping top tube design gives a frame silhouette you should be able to pick out of a line-up.

Orbea has been proponents of the flex-stay suspension platform for nearly fifteen years. The reason being pivots create more maintenance, weigh more and can lead to a less stiff rear-end. The M20 comes bedecked in full-on high end Fox Factory suspension. Both shocks are connected via a handlebar mounted Twin-lock lever to lock out both ends when required. The Fox rear shock runs minimal sag for a stiff ride.

Orbea has created a clever regressive rate suspension movement for the Oiz. The leverage ratio increases for the initial three quarters of the shock stroke to keep the platform efficient for hard efforts. This ratio then changes to a falling rate for the last quarter of the travel to allow the Oiz to use its full travel without ramping up too much. We kept blowing through the rear travel too quickly before realising the Oiz works best with a minimal sag to keep it sitting high in the travel.

But as is the want of bike companies they do write it under every bike description after all the spec has been changed. This is possibly a better choice for more riders due to the huge cassette, giving a wider gear range than the XT fitted. The disc brakes stay as Shimano XT and it looks like Orbea has some of the new batch as performance has been faultless despite a lot of abuse.

Shimano XT brakes actually proved reliable. The Mavic Crossmax Elite wheels are a sensible choice being particularly reliable and stiff plus they came set up tubeless. Being ridiculously skinny, having no shock absorption and not being particularly grippy either. Kudos on Orbea for speccing a 75mm stem on an XC race bike. One benefit of buying an Oiz is the ease at which Orbea allow you to customise component choice. Items such as the handlebar, brakes and wheelset can all be upgraded or changed at point of order.

Its responsiveness is crazy fast. In comparison to some of the more plush mm travel bikes, the Oiz responds to the slightest pressure on the pedals without as much as a hesitation. This also means you have to dial in a little more rebound damping to keep everything under control. The upside of the regressive tune though is that it actually feels faster keeping everything in the open setting.

Even on steep power climbs when you might normally reach for the lockout you can hold off the lockout. Fast and stable on the descents. The short for XC stem and sensible mm width bar puts control at the forefront.Don't have an account? Create one now. Cross country racing prowess.

The Orbea Oiz M20 XC bike features a lightweight carbon full suspension frame for taking on the trails. The Fox Factory suspension front and rear is super slick, complete with gold Kashima coating, to deliver fantastic damping. Mavic Crossmax Elite wheels are fantastic, balancing weight and strength, and in The kind of lung-burning, cross-country efficiency that is expected from a racing bike, matched with DNA that devours rough terrain and leaves traditional hardtails behind.

Orbea’s Oiz updated for modern XC racing

Lap after lap, Oiz responds eagerly to each climb, every rocky, root-filled descent, pushing you to ride faster. Oiz is the ultimate advantage — not a machine that rides in the middle of the pack — Oiz was Born to Win. Advanced Dynamics - Advanced Dynamics is not a design, but a development process.

Our unique method transforms virtual models into real, highly-refined machines - Bikes for demanding riders that are faster, more fun to ride and far beyond ordinary.

Boost - Oiz becomes more precise and responsive with the increased rigidity of a 12mm through-axle system.

orbea oiz 2018

The Boost standard widens rear axle spacing to mm which moves the chainline outboard by 3mm and increases the space available at the bottom bracket. UFO - We've done away with the pivot point at the rear axle. The flexible seat stay design creates an ultralight bike that requires little maintenance and offers stiffness and acceleration like you've never felt in a full suspension bike.

Tredz is a trading name of Performance Cycling Ltd. All Rights Reserved Company No. PayPal Credit is subject to status. Terms and Conditions apply. Use live chat. Sign in Don't have an account? Create one now Track your Tredz order.First Ride: Orbea Oiz. Jul 23, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. The last update in was a big redesign with internal cable routing, Boost spacing, and thru axles. Forthere's a completely new mm frame with the option to swap out the shock, fork, and tires along with adding a dropper post to make the Oiz a more capable mm travel ride.

The Oiz has been Orbea's best selling bike for some time. To keep with ever progressing trends of World Cup XC bikes, the Oiz has a longer reach, steeper seat tube, slacker head tube, and shorter chainstays.

There is space for an extra water bottle on medium through X-large size frames, and the mm marathon version also brings a more aggressive parts spec, something increasingly common on XC bikes.

The size small frame is offered in both a 29" wheeled version as well as a Orbea say they wanted to accommodate. The Oiz in mm XC mode - the dropper isn't standard, but I opted for one. You can pick and choose your parts to customize the bike and order any number of color combinations through Orbea's "MyO" program. The flex-stay design feels more efficient than the previous Oiz.

Fully internal, clean, and rattle free - at least in my experience. Modern Geometry: The Oiz has mm chainstays and a longer reach - mm in size medium, with the mm travel models sporting a degree head angle and a and a degree seat tube angle. Remote Lock-out: The remote lock-out system has been revised for In collaboration with Fox, Orbea managed to get the shock tucked up under the top tube and the lock-out cabling is nice and hidden.

The long-throw lever also takes significantly less pressure to engage. Cables for the remote rear shock are neatly hidden. Cabling up front is a little busy, due to the remote shock routing, but Orbea say they were more focused on performance than this one aesthetic. Carbon rocker link and tucked-in shock mounting. First Ride. With the World Cup happening the weekend before, and the Masters World Championships the week after, it threw a kink in that plan, so we ended up about an hour away outside of the town of Bellver de Cerdanya.

Situated in a valley amidst the massive mountains of Northern Spain, the riding there is rugged and diverse, home to a few lift-assisted bike parks and some absolutely great trail riding. The south-facing mountains above the valley were hot and dry, baking in the sun and giving nearly desert-like riding conditions, while on the opposite side of the valley the mountain slopes offered more diversity, with everything from high alpine, above-treeline singletrack and a bike park with jump trails, to lush, densely wooded forests.

We had a morning of rain the first day, so the trails were in pristine condition for riding. Visit the feature gallery for additional images. Yet another xc bike review by a trail rider Is seriously ridiculous please pinkbike get a shaven legs obsessed with watts claded in spandex kind of guy to review this bikes. Someone tagline the other day was the "Passion Assassin", to your point, belongs on another website.

PinkyScar Jul 23, at Kiwi19 Jul 23, at Nice bike.A bike that was born to win. Today, we unveil the new Oiz — raising the bar of what is considered the best — with the most sophisticated OMR carbon construction currently available. Pure XC geometry takes performance to a whole new level. Oiz uses the most technologically advanced carbon construction available to make the most sophisticated frame possible — A complex and painstaking process with results you will appreciate on the trail.

Prepreg carbon sheets are laser cut to minimize excess materials and overlap, and hours of premolding ensure optimal compaction with the smallest amount of carbon. Engineering a frame that uses as much carbon as possible of course saves weight but it also contributes to the sophistication and refinement of Oiz.

Orbea Oiz M20 29 (2017) review

Advanced Dynamics is not a design, but a development process. Our unique method transforms virtual models into real, highly-refined machines — Bikes for demanding riders that are faster, more fun to ride and far beyond ordinary.

The suspension kinematics of the Oiz are perfect for efficient XC riding. Custom tuning of the damper minimizes bottom-out forces and keeps the suspension riding high, maintaining geometry and efficiency. The position is aggressive, comfortable and fast. Handling is precise and intuitive for maximum agility without instability. Angles and dimensions are considered carefully across the range of sizes, maximizing power by increasing efficiency.

BWC offers five frames in two wheel sizes — Small with Every rider experiences our legendary XC ride quality in a svelte, fun and fast bike regardless of frame size or wheel size. One of the simplest features of of the new Oiz was one of the most complex to accomplish — the MD, LG and XL frames are all equipped with two bottle mounts inside the front triangle.

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The additional room made available by the Inside Line cable routing puts extra water at your fingertips instead of in your pocket or on your back.

In the quest for stiffness and clean lines, we developed the long-fiber injected Fiberlink. The perfect blend of low weight and impressive rigidity, Fiberlink integrates seamlessly with the shapes of Oiz and the seat tube. The proprietary rear shock lockout is completely invisible, hiding from mud and staying out of your way as you grab a water bottle.

Controls are accessible and easy to use, creating the smoothest and sexiest shock mounting on the market. The same bike in mm. Because there are two stroke lengths offered in the same overall shock length, Oiz is available in two configurations — a mm travel World Cup ruler, and a mm TR trail slayer.

The TR version uses a mm fork and makes a few changes to bigger tires and a slightly tougher spec. Mountain bike magazine: news, test, gare, mercatino, foto, video e molto altro ancora legato al mondo della bici fuoristrada.By Guy Kesteven.

orbea oiz 2018

Thanks to World Cup legend Julien Absalon and the women of the Luna Chix race team, Orbea has had huge success on the cross-country race circuit for a relatively small Basque bike brand. We dropped into its factory in the coastal mountains of northern Spain to see where the magic happens — and to find out if the Oiz is as spellbindingly quick as the trophy cabinet suggests.

Using built-in flex rather than a real pivot is by no means a unique idea. Space is too tight for a conventional bridge, so Orbea also uses a high tension Tensegrity metal rod to tie the stays together behind the linkage.

The fact you get a full composite chassis including linkage at this price is still damned impressive though. The bike also comes in b wheel options in small, medium and large or 29in wheel options in medium, large and extra large. Interestingly, both wheel sizes share the same angles and ride height but top tube and overall length are increased on the 29ers. Gear cables feed neatly into full low friction internal liners.

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The detailing and price would be impressive even if this was a fixed package delivered direct from the Far East, but Orbea really scores with the options that it gives buyers. Despite the direct sell style pricing, your Orbea will be delivered to your local dealer a few weeks after ordering so you get full shop support rather than a cold shoulder for shopping online.

Orbea even protects your investment with a lifetime carbon warranty. With coastal weather that was making GoreTex feel like tissue paper and turning the trails into slippery slime, the Oiz certainly had its work cut out to feel fresh and lively.

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Luckily it started doing things right straight from the off. The 12kg weight is decent for this price and the Ikon treads are seriously fast rolling. That meant the Oiz never struggled to sprint out of corners or charge up the short, sharp climbs on the coastal path.

The remote control rear shock lockout lets you turn it hardtail for maximum power punch if you need to. The potential of the steep steering angles and compact frame dimensions to tuck under and send the semi-slick Ikons skidding sideways makes this precision particularly important.

While the mm bars are low on leverage we were glad of the 15mm thru-axle on the Fox fork for the same reason. Combined with the relatively short reach and wheelbase of the medium frame, the b wheels make the Oiz a breeze to flick round hairpins or sneak between stalling obstacles on climbs.

A fair bit of pressure fettling is, however, needed to find a sweet spot between too much shock movement and a super-firm feel that negates the traction advantages of full suspension.

That sort of handling balance is standard issue for full-on race bikes though. Orbea Oiz M50 — first ride review Basque-built carbon race weapon. Our rating. May 25, at am. Orbea Oiz M50 - first ride review. Latest deals. Our review Naturally fast, immediately responsive and upgradable full suspension racer at a great price. Skip to view product specifications. The rear end uses neat a steel reinforcing pin to boost stiffness and strength Russell Burton.

The full carbon frame and linkage impressed us Russell Burton. The Fox rear shock has a remote lockout for hands free terrain adjustment Russell Burton. Naturally racy and precise handling means fast responses Russell Burton.

orbea oiz 2018

XC enthusiasts will find a lot to love about this Orbea Russell Burton. The rear end uses neat a steel reinforcing pin to boost stiffness and strength: the rear end uses neat a steel reinforcing pin to boost stiffness and strength.

Orbea’s Oiz updated for modern XC racing

Naturally racy and precise handling means fast responses: naturally racy and precise handling means fast responses. Guy Kesteven. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now.


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